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How PLANTChoir was born

Born from past careers in Psychology and Polygraph James has always been keen to learn and contribute to understanding mind and behavior, conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feelings and thoughts in humans and nonhumans.  He is an experienced CEO, founder, and past president of one of the worlds leading polygraph companies, Limestone Technologies Inc.  His contributions to polygraph are internationally recognized by polygraph examiners around the globe. The specialized knowledge that he acquired in polygraph lead to his discovery of PlantChoir.  His innovation of PLANTChoir bridges the boundaries between social sciences and nature.

The PlantChoir idea began with a chance meeting one day between James and a mentor, colleague, and leading expert in lie detection, Grover Cleveland "Cleve" Backster.  Backster was a leader and the founder of the CIA’s and FBI’s credibility assessment programs in the USA.  In his recreational time he gained international notoriety for his publication “Primary Perception”   Cleve was a trailblazer in plant bio-communication research using observed electrical responses in plant life. Mr. Backster and Mr. Brown discussed their mutual interest in closer observation of the electro dermal activity measured in plants using the instrumentation that was being used in polygraph.  James believed Backster was on to something exceptional and suggested to Backster that more could be learned by taking a closer look at the plant physiology.  Brown suggested using higher resolution Analog to Digital sampling.  James believed that there would be a significant benefit to employing a higher ADC resolution.  Higher resolution sampling would open the door to a smoother and low-noise signal from the plants.  For years Backster conducted plant experiments where he measured a bio-chemical response usually relegated to humans who were hooked up and under investigation.  Using his high-resolution analog polygraph instrument he was consistently discovering that his plants were also attuned to his mood and emotional states.

It's interesting to note that early in his plant discovery period Cleve Backster learned about similar experiments that had already been conducted on the other side of the world in India. Sir Shri Jagdish Chandra Bose's findings also confirmed the idea of plant sentience. In a culture more accepting of the healing potential of plants, they readily accepted the existence of some higher capacity to respond to the vibratory energy of the caregivers in their midst.

Following his meeting with Cleve Backster James and his team of programmers and solution providers set out to learn more about this plant phenomenon and find a useful way for everyone to benefit from this knowledge.  We brainstormed and determined that Music was the best way to enjoy plant emotions.  It was serendipity that one of the team members was also a great musician. Music was the best way to give the plants a voice. PLANTChoir is the ideal way for everyone to enjoy a more spiritual connection with the plant life that surrounds us and our planet. 

In today's chaotic and overstimulating world, a calm and peaceful state of mind is your greatest currency. Contemplative practices and connecting with nature and plants are a valuable and viable way to nurture your inner peace. Our mood and emotions have been shown to elicit a measurable and repeatable response in plants.  The creators of PlantChoir are devoted to helping you develop a deeper connection to both your plants, and your inner musician.  Thank you for purchasing PLANTChoir and we hope you all have as much fun learning about this innovation as the team and I did developing it. 




Curious seekers open to discovering new ways to interact with plants, nature and all living things. Healing today is about meaningful relationships with people, pets, nature and even your plants. This leads to heart and brain coherence, more peace of mind, and longevity.

If you appreciate music and nature, and crave more YOU time, PlantChoir is for YOU!

Use Cases

Yoga – PLANTChoir includes zen music scales for yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Meditation – meditate while listening to real time plant music

Focussed Creativity – turn on your “Airplane Mode” using PLANTChoir

Sleeplessness – Let your plants lullaby you into a deep and dreamy night of full rest. 

Self care and reflective practices –Get more in touch with yourself using your plants as your muse. Let your plants inspire you!

Gardening - PLANTChoir is the perfect gardening companion.  Use Plant music To boost plant growth!

Nature Walks - Every walk is an opportunity for adults and children to learn about the natural world.

Nesting and resting at home – Enjoy peaceful rest and relaxation while listening to the “Sound of Plant Music” in the comfort of your home.

Experiential Kid Camps – an interactive way for children to learn more about plants

Background music from a live band that takes no breaks