“A prudent question is one-half of wisdom”.
– Francis Bacon

What plants do PLANTChoir work on?

PLANTChoir can be used on all plants; however, certain plants are more sensitive to PLANTChoir. In our experience, PLANTChoir works best on water-based plants (such as Aloe Vera and succulents) and plants whose leaves do not have a waxy coating (such as Orchids and Money Trees).

How many instruments can PLANTChoir play?

PLANTChoir offers 36 instruments to select from. Each PLANTChoir device can conduct up to 4 instruments simultaneously on a single plant. Multiple devices can be purchased to hook up to different plants to get a true choir effect.

Is PLANTChoir waterproof?

PLANTChoir is not waterproof but is splash resistant and made of very durable materials.

Can I use the app without purchasing a PLANTChoir device?

The PLANTChoir app will only work when paired to a PLANTChoir device. However, anyone can download and explore the app before making a purchase.

What is the battery life?

Typical battery life is 3 months for the average user.

On the PLANTChoir app, what do Scale, Tempo and Pitch mean?

Scale - The scale changes the style of music. You can choose from Pentatonic, Chromatic, C Major, Blues, Encounters, and Percussion. Tempo - The higher the number, the quicker the pace of the music will be. Pitch - The pitch of a note means how high or low a note is. If you choose a higher pitch, your song will be higher. In your PLANTChoir app, you can adjust these 3 units of measurements to change the tune of your plant's song!

How long will a set of wet gels last for?

A set of wet gels lasts approximately 1 month. We recommend replacing them once the gels have stopped working or after 1 month of use. We do not recommend moving the wet gels around after they have been placed on the leaf of your plant (this will prevent the gel from drying out, giving them longer use time).