“A prudent question is one-half of wisdom”.
– Francis Bacon

What plants do PLANTChoir work on?

PLANTChoir can be used on all plants; however, certain plants are more sensitive to PLANTChoir. In our experience, PLANTChoir works best on water-based plants (such as Aloe Vera and succulents) and plants whose leaves do not have a waxy coating (such as Orchids and Money Trees).

How many instruments can PLANTChoir play?

PLANTChoir offers 33 instruments to select from. Each individual PLANTChoir device connects to a single instrument. 4 PLANTChoir devices will give you 4 instruments simultaneously on a single plant giving you a true plant effect.

Is PLANTChoir waterproof?

PLANTChoir is not waterproof but is splash resistant and made of very durable materials.

Can I use the app without purchasing a PLANTChoir device?

The PLANTChoir app will only work when paired with a PLANTChoir device. However, you can download the app and listen to some sample sounds.

What is the battery life? How can I tell if my device is charged?

Typical battery life is 3 months for the average user. The battery icon appears in the Plant Voice Slot that is connected to your PLANTChoir device. The icon indicates the level of battery charge.

On the PLANTChoir app, what do Scale, Tempo and Sensitivity mean?

Scale - The scale changes the style of music. You can choose from Pentatonic, Chromatic, C Major, Blues, Encounters, and Percussion. Tempo - The higher the number, the quicker the pace of the music will be. Sensitivity - use the slider to adjust the sensitivity level to your plant's conductive nature. In your PLANTChoir app, you can adjust these 3 units of measurements to change the tune of your plant's song!

My clips are not connecting

When using the clips make sure that the entire clip is in contact with your plant. Do not use only the tip of the clip. Apply slight pressure to ensure that it is connecting. You will know it has connected by the green bar rising and lowering. If it is red, then it is not connecting. Make sure you have your volume turned UP and tap the PLAY button to hear the instrument(s) play. PLEASE NOTE: For best connectivity of the EDA (Electrodermal Activity) of your plant, it is best to place the clips side-by-side with a minimum of a centimeter between the two clips or across from each other. You can place the clips on different parts of the same plant, however, the EDA may take longer to transmit between the two clips.

Where can I view the manual?

Download the Manual in PDF format here.