Our Story

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”.
– Albert Einstein

We love plants, we love music, and we love technology. We found a way to combine all three and here’s how.

We are a software company located in Kingston, Ontario with over 20 years of experience developing biofeedback technology. With innovation being one of our pillars of strength, our team is encouraged daily to think outside the box. With various team members who have an interest in plants, music, and technology, we decided to explore ways to combine our knowledge of biofeedback with these three elements.

        Then it hit us. We’ve always been able to enjoy plants using 4 of our 5 senses. Using our eyes, we visually appreciate their beauty. Using our sense of smell, we enjoy their pleasant aromas. With taste we use plants in our food for nourishment, and finally with touch we appreciate their texture and topical use. But we’ve never been able to hear plants. That got us thinking…what if we found a way to hear plants, filling in the missing puzzle piece?

Our talented team was inspired by historic and current research in Plant Music (yes that’s a thing!). Using our experience in biofeedback technology, we wanted to bring a new level of innovation to this science. Our goal was to create a product that allowed music to be played from different plants simultaneously creating a choir effect. A few prototypes later we had a working product. The more we talked about plants creating music, the more people listened. The idea seemed so absurd that people just had to hear it for themselves and were amazed. What started out as a fun project for our team, turned into a real business idea.

From plant enthusiast and yogi’s, to health and wellness advocates, PLANTChoir enhances your connection to nature through its mindful and meditative music created by plants.