How it Works

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.
– Steve Jobs

You may be wondering “how in the world do you get plants to make music”?! While the idea seems crazy, the concept is really quite simple!

PLANTChoir works by applying a small amount of stimulus energy to flow through the plant via two conductive clips.

The advanced instrumentation designed by our talented team takes the energy measurements at fixed intervals and transmits them to the user’s mobile device using Bluetooth wireless technology.

PLANTChoir wirelessly collects and records these energy measurements and communicates this information to the PLANTChoir mobile app. Our PLANTChoir patented algorithm translates the plants energy into musical melodies that allow you to experience the fullness of nature and calm your soul.

While 1 plant creating music is pretty cool, our unique patent allows you to create music from multiple plants giving you a true choir effect. A single PLANTChoir device connects to a single plant and can play up to 4  instruments.For the plant enthusiasts or music gurus out there, a true choir effect can be achieved by purchasing up to 4 different devices. Connect each device to a different plant and watch your plants create music in tandem. All plants are controlled from the mobile app by simply adding a new device.


Purchase your PLANTChoir device directly from our website


Download the FREE PLANTChoir app from your app store: Apple App Store | Google Play Store


Connect your PLANTChoir device to your favorite plant(s)


Select your instrument, chord scale, tempo, and plant sensitivity to generate a custom tune


Record, share, or just simply enjoy nature’s song

PlantCHoir App